Saturday, October 25, 2008


We just got back from a week long trip to Reno last night. Reno is 2 1/2 hours away from us. Tyler had to go for some meetings, and the girls and I tagged along. It is always interesting to go on trips now with two little girls. Tyler's work usually has us stay at the Circus Circus hotel and casino when we go, and you might think that would be a great place to go as a family; but it actually makes things harder for us.
Allie is so over-stimulated by all the lights and loud music and toys galore, going back to the hotel for nap time was a joke. I shouldn't complain though, considering the fact we were staying there for free. There were some really great things about the trip.
Tyler and I got to trade off going to the temple, I really needed that quiet time alone to just ponder and be grateful for my life. We also got to have some great quality time as a family. Tyler is so awesome, I know I brag about the kid a lot, but he's such a great husband and father, and is so patient with me. He just picks up where I leave off, and helps without me having to ask.... It probably would have been easier for him to go on the trip alone, and he could have slept through the night, and eaten where he wanted to eat, but he never complains, and is so good to help me and the girls feel like we are wanted, and not like we are a burden.


Carolyn Hanson said...

Sounds fun, Mandy. We already know Tyler is a great guy! :)

Jen Simmons said...

Mandy! It's been way too long, I have been meaning to write you back after you left a comment on my blog. It's so good to see your cute family! Your kids are so cute and they got a great mom I am sure of it! it looks like you guys are happy and loving life! where are you living and what are you up to? I am still in Poky just working and trying to start a family. We will see how that goes! lol, anyway hope to hear from you soon.

Aston said...

Thank goodness for good men.

The Phillips Family said...

I saw your blog from Jens blog and thought that I would say what a beautiful little family family you have. I love all the cute pictures.