Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I am not a member of pinterest...but I have stolen a few ideas from that home-wrecking, dinner-burning, child-ignoring, time-wasting, wonderful web site:) I was glad to have spotted this little idea...I'm excited to get a little more creative with it over the years with my posing children.
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I have revived an old traditon with my girls that my mom use to do with my sisters and I when we were little. We call it "putting our hair in rags". We would wash our hair and then my mom would twist our hair into semi-thick strands and wrap it around a piece of material and tie it up. Let it dry over night while you sleep and this makes for some SUPER curly hair in the morning. With fine blonde hair you get almost a fro:) With thick darker hair, you get really tight curls. It is pretty darn fun to have girls.
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Bria turns 4!

I realized on my Calendar I had written that Bria was turning 3...and then I realized...she was turning 4! I honestly do not know how that happened so quickly! She is our little Valentine baby. Because her birthday is on the 14th, it seems we are always celebrating it on the weekend before the holiday, but this year we had a fun family day celebrating Valentine's Day and Bria's Day. She has really grown up in the last few months, even though she has always been pretty independent and helpful, I've seen those characteristics take on new life as she has come to realize how her actions affect others. She is a sweet girl and we love her. (Even if she compulsively asks for snacks:)
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sheri Dew & Sister Nelson

I went to a Women's Conference in Moab last weekend with a group of amazing women.  What a wonderful opportunity to hear from these two powerful women who are simply, ordinary women...with extraordinary testimonies of the gospel.  Some of my favorite quotes from the conference were:
"Who's agenda is this supporting?"  (Sis. Nelson-In reference to what media should be in our home)
"How deep are our roots?" (Sis. Dew-Referencing a story about some of her beautiful plants being uprooted by a 6 year old:)
"What does the part of you that noone else can see look like?"  (Sis. Dew)
"This life is not about "This" life" (Sis. Dew)
So many ideas and stories were shared, but the over all message I came away with is this.  We need to be stronger than we are, our thoughts need to be centered on our Savior, and our role in strengthening the home and family has never been more important nor has it ever been more attacked than now. We need to be courageous in standing for what we know to be right...and ladies...we KNOW.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What every Girl and Woman should know...

With a teenage boy in the house and a constant stream of teenagers coming through my door.I have observed what our youth and even our "not so youth" are facing today.Beauty is more than the clothes (or lack thereof) on our backs.Being modest is more than just covering skin,its inner beauty reflected