Thursday, September 25, 2014


Leaving our home in Monticello was not an easy thing to do!  I cried, laughed, and cried some more.  Happy for an adventure, but so sad to leave so many people we loved behind.  Thank goodness we know we will see them again.  We knew moving to Monticello was the right thing to do at that time in our lives, just as we know that moving to Wyoming is  right for us right now.  Papa Bear and my brothers came to help us move...My dad slept outside...because it was more comfortable for a lawn chair...yep, that's my dad.  Our friends surprised us the next morning with a banner for us to drive through!  My friend Mindy parked her car in front of our cars so we wouldn't leave before they got there:)  Such awesome friends I have!  Goodbye house!  We hope you sell soon!  Goodbye San Juan friends and family!  We will miss you terribly! 

Harry Potter Party

We had a Harry potter marathon and dinner at our house, yea, cuz' we're nerds like that.  Of course we couldn't watch ALL of the movies, but the few the girls could watch, they loved:)  And who wouldn't love a little butter beer with their witch fingers...really?!

Bar D

We had one last hurrah with the fam at Bar D in Durango, CO.  It has been a tradition in the Jack family to make the trek over once a year to enjoy the Bar D Wranglers sing some great western while we eat a delicious country-style meal.  So much fun for us!

BaKeR in Training

Allie loves to Bake, and this was her first batch from scratch going solo.  They tasted pretty amazing...better than mine.  What an awesome girl!  The sisters had to get in on the action with the decorating, cause that's the best part, right?


Allie and Bria (little posers) are going to miss their tumbling team.  They had the BEST coaches (My friends Mindy and Arriana) 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Going Away Parties

My friend Jenna LaRose and I were in a competition to see how many going away parties we could have for ourselves...which became a "take-a-selfie-any-time-we-met-a-friend-anywhere-and-call-it-a-party" competition:)  And then some of the parties were legit...crazy...but, legit.


Last bits of Summer in "Cello"

We tried to squeeze as much fun out of our last days in Monticello as we could.  Every day was filled with projects, activities, and friends we will miss dearly.

Alot to do

Early this spring, we made a HUGE decision to move to Star Valley, WY.  Tyler got his dream job a little out of nowhere, and although we were thrilled, we had ALOT to do.  Finding a new home for our kitty, Doce and painting the house were just a few things on the list. 

Dirty Dash

Another crazy race with the crazy ladies.  Had so much fun getting down and dirty at the Dirty Dash.  Of course they had to throw in some shenanigans with love letters from "Adam" at the hotel the night before the race...silly girls.