Monday, March 23, 2009

Allie's Day

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Allie turned 3 on Friday, and we had a little party for her on Saturday. She really wanted a Pirate Treasure Island Party...go figure. The girl who only likes to wear dresses wants a pirate party. The "Big Kids" had as much fun putting it together as the little kids did participating. We sent out messages in bottles for the birthday invitations, and then had a treasure hunt.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 25th

We celebrated my Birthday this weekend. On Saturday we went to the sand dunes and roasted hotdogs and played around. The guys shot at targets. (My brother just had to try out his new gun) I guesss Winnemucca does that to a person:) Tyler had let me sleep in that morning, ahh the simple pleasures in life. I got a deep fryer to cook delicious food for the men in my life:) and a watch, which I have been in need of considering my schedule lately. Then on Sunday which was my official Birthday, I hopped from meeting to meeting starting from 9:30am-7:30 pm. I did have a 2-3 hour break in the middle. Tyler had meetings too, so in his spare time he made me a delicious pound cake (recipe is on my options menu) but as you can see, when his back was turned, little fingers got to it! I had to laugh at that. He also made me sweet and sour chicken, which I love to eat but hate to make because it is so involved. We didn't eat until 8:30, but it tasted that much better. It was a good weekend, I felt very blessed and loved. I had so many unexpected things done for me, it made me grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life. It's funny because I am so horrible about remembering Birthdays, I half expected noone to remember mine. I'm commiting to do better from now on so that I can make others feel as good as I felt.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top Ten Memories of Boston

10. Holding my sweet hearts hand as we ice skated in Boston Commons
9. Becoming a pro at riding the Subways
8. Being brave and ordering Salmon for my first time
7. Walking through our hotel at 11pm to get cheesecake (because we could)
6. Sleeping in my Heavenly bed and not waking up even once!
5. Walking the streets of the Ritziest part of Boston and feeling stylish in my homemade jewelery and thrift store coat.
4. Eating chocolate from the Lindt Chocolatier
3. Soaking in American History
2. Not really caring where we went or what we did because I felt blessed just being there.
1. Looking over at Tyler in the temple and knowing my girls were OK and feeling more blessed than words could say.

Winnemucca goes to Boston

This was the gang we traveled with from the "MUCK". Tyler loves the people he works with. They feel like family to us. In all the fun we had, we kind of forgot we were there on business.
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Monday, March 2, 2009


This was where the Boston Massacre took place.

We went to the Blue Man group. This was my second time and it was great.

We went through the Boston Temple on our last day. It was a welcome refuge from the busy city.

This was the view from our hotel room, and what a room it was!!!!! We felt quite posh.
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More and More Boston

We ate at the Omni Parker House Hotel and were tottaly under dressed (Oh well) the food was awesome and the history there was amazing. We ate in the same corner where JFK proposed to Jackie O. It was the first Hotel in Boston and even George Washington stayed there!

This is Mother Goose's Grave...seriously this was "the" Mother Goose.

This was the oldest cemetary in the country. Benjamin Franklins parents were buried here, as well as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, James Otis...etc..
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More Boston

We went ice skating in Boston Commons

Paul Revere's house

The church where Paul lit the Lantern to signal the "British were coming"

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The Cheese Cake Factory mmmmmm

The Indian at the famous Cheers bar where the TV show was filmed

The harbor where the "Boston tea party" occured

On the trolley to see more sites
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Bria's Day

Bria celebrated her first birthday on Valentines Day. We had our friends the Mcquiveys over for some cake before they moved away. We sure will miss them. Bria loved her cake but not the hat, so we had to ditch that. Bria has been nothing but a sweet blessing to our family. She is full of love and smiles. We love her.

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