Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Pics from the zombie date night


Haha!  I am not sure if Tyler will ever forgive me for roping him into this, but watching the reactions of people as he chased them with his chain saw...priceless.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tyler's Surgery and Lots of Distraction

Tyler recently had some surgery on his heart to fix a problem he has been having with his heart rhythm.  It was a pretty serious surgery, and we had to go the University of Utah for a few days.  The Bake family was already their on a family vacation, and me and the girls decided to join in on their festivities while Tyler recovered.  It ended up being a crazy time!  I was so grateful to have my sister and her family there to keep the girls distracted from the difficult time Tyler and I were going through.  I was torn between keeping the girls entertained, driving all over that CRAZY-TOO-MUCH-TRAFFIC-ONLY-PLACE-I-EVER-GET-FLIPPED-OFF-SALT-LAKE-CITY, and worrying about how Tyler was doing and wishing I could be with him.  The girls were oblivious:) 

I wished we lived a little closer to cousins.  They play so well together and really love eachother. 

Man, we have a lot of kids between my sister and I (She of course is the greatest contributer...haha)

After four days of being in Salt Lake, we were all pretty tired.  I think I could have slept for two days straight. These last two pictures say it all.  Tyler is doing really well now, and I am glad we caught the problem as early as we did.  We need a healthy daddy!  He is irreplaceable.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

*sigh* It finally came...

I graduated back in May with my Associate degree.  Let me just take a moment and say, this was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I was a terrible student in highschool, and really wondered if I would ever go to college.  As I grew up and learned to discipline myself, I realized I could do it if I really wanted to.  I have been going to school on and off since 2004.  I finished a CNA course with the intent to become a nurse, but changed my mind after the babies came. Having the three girls so close together threw me for a loop and I took a break from school.  After moving to Monticello, I decided to go part time, taking night and online classes so that I could still be a mommy.  It worked out great, even though doing homework meant some late nights at the computer or during nap time.  I am so grateful I pushed through it.  I am taking a year off while Tyler finishes an administrative course and plan on going back to finish my Bachelors.  I may be slow, but I am determined to do it.  I want my girls to realize how important education is and I can only do that by setting an example for them. 
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Another Zombie Race...


Tyler and I were Zombies at our local zombie race.  It was our date night with a few other couple!  haha- we have a disturbed group of friends here.  Check out the view I had as I waited on unsuspecting victims!  So amazing that we live in this beautiful place, this is a mile from my house!  Love it.
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Lake Powell Success

Tyler and the guys took the kids for a little fishing trip...and came back with a haul!  They don't look all that happy about it do they? :)

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Soakin' up the Summer

A perfect day spent at the pool, feeding ducks by the pond and playing at the park.  The girls and I have had a great summer- I know these days together don't last forever...better enjoy them while we can.  I love being a mom...except on laundry day...then I whine like a baby.
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Sweet Times


The girls got a cotton candy machine for Christmas and are using it to earn money for Disneyland.  They have made some sweet cash this summer:)  We wanted to do something as a family that will help the girls learn to work for the things that they want.  So far we are so glad we chose this route.  It has been a lot of fun...besides, who doesn't like cotton candy?
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Summer Tradition

 We have a tradition of having my little brother Matt stay with us for part of the summer (a traditon I LOVE!)  When it is time for him to go home we stay in a hotel and meet my parents at Lagoon for a day of fun together. 

Millions of cartoons on, and my girls pick a documentary on Africa....I think they are warped.

Eating at Toucanos Brazillian Grill; one of our favorites for Tyler's B-Day.  This trip always falls on his birthday weekend:)

So much fun being together!
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