Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tyler's Surgery and Lots of Distraction

Tyler recently had some surgery on his heart to fix a problem he has been having with his heart rhythm.  It was a pretty serious surgery, and we had to go the University of Utah for a few days.  The Bake family was already their on a family vacation, and me and the girls decided to join in on their festivities while Tyler recovered.  It ended up being a crazy time!  I was so grateful to have my sister and her family there to keep the girls distracted from the difficult time Tyler and I were going through.  I was torn between keeping the girls entertained, driving all over that CRAZY-TOO-MUCH-TRAFFIC-ONLY-PLACE-I-EVER-GET-FLIPPED-OFF-SALT-LAKE-CITY, and worrying about how Tyler was doing and wishing I could be with him.  The girls were oblivious:) 

I wished we lived a little closer to cousins.  They play so well together and really love eachother. 

Man, we have a lot of kids between my sister and I (She of course is the greatest contributer...haha)

After four days of being in Salt Lake, we were all pretty tired.  I think I could have slept for two days straight. These last two pictures say it all.  Tyler is doing really well now, and I am glad we caught the problem as early as we did.  We need a healthy daddy!  He is irreplaceable.
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