Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks

My sister the "sharp shooter"

The guys took the kids to the school gym to play
while my sister and I cooked, that was sure
helpful. We had a great Thanksgiving. We are so
extremely blessed and I am grateful every day
for the life my Heavenly Father has given me.
I wake up every day to a home filled with love
a patient husband, and to beautiful girls who love me
despite my flaws. All of my needs are being met
along with things I don't deserve. It's a good time to
reflect, I love this time of the year!

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This looks dangerous I know...but what else can
you do in Winnemucca?

My sister Tye came with her family.
The kids did not sleep well together, but they sure looked
cute. Allie has never been a good sleeper, and boy can she
work bed time!

We had an awesome feast, and the boys cleaned up
after, sure can't complain about that!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Spillin' the beans...

Well, I've recently been witness to how fast news can spread in a small town.
Within a matter of hours I think all of Winnemucca knew that I was pregnant.
I'm not a private person, so it didn't bother me much. The only thing is, I don't know
how far along I am. To tell you the truth, this pregnancy came a little sooner than we had anticipated (note: I did not say "planned") We don't plan, but for any of you who know my track record, it has taken over a year for me to get pregnant with each of my pregnancies...until now that is. So here we go again, I'm guessing I'm only a little over a month along-maybe more. Since the beans are already spilled all over Winnemucca, I thought I might as well spread them a little further, even though it is quite early. Of course I will keep you all posted. We are praying for another happy, healthy baby. We feel very blessed at the opportunity to have such close babies, we hope we will feel that way in the teen years as well!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Joy...

Allie; ready for Joy School-She did not want me to take this picture

So, I consented to do a "Joy School" with a few other mothers, basically it's
like a repeat of nursery for an hour and a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We take turns "hosting" and I recently did two of my four weeks. I can't say
it's something I look forward to, but Allie loves her friends, and the kids LOVE it. I have plenty of friendly
reminders that "we are doing this for the kids". (Thanks Kate:) Tyler makes fun of me
a little. He thinks it's like a pre-pre-school. He thinks Kindergarten is when they should
start school, I think I agree-all the moms in the group know I'm not tottaly converted to the idea,
but I gave it a shot. I completely respect teachers, and those who have the talent of managing lots of
little children every day. I do not have that talent, however, it seems to be different when they are your own.

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Bloggin' with the Frog

I'm giving a shout-out to this web site in hopes that all of my blogging friends will jump on! This site has helped me find so many long lost friends, which is the whole reason why I blog. I'm horrible about staying in touch, and this site does a lot of the work for me. I'm a click away from knowing who's interested in me by the widget that shows my recent visits, and also who I need to check out by the news feed widget. You can search by highschool, and by links shared by other members. It is free, and they never send junk mail, gotta' love that! So take a looksee at the link.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Blue Adventures

There are a lot of secluded areas in Nevada to explore, this was one of our adventures in "Big Blue". We took a little dirt road out to an abanded homestead. Just a typical Saturday morning in Winnemucca. Allie loves this truck, and so does her Daddy. It was given to us from our good friends the Lord's Family; Kraig Lord's is Tyler's boss and we share "dumping" rights with them in return.

We highly recomend that every family have a beastly vehicle that can get roughed up without worry:)

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. Big Shocker...Tyler and I haven't watched T.V. in 2+ years...and we don't miss it.
My Favorite 8 Restaurants
1. Macaroni Grill
2. Johnny Carinos
3. Rodizios
4. Quiznos
5. Red Robin
6. Ruby Tuesdays
7. Canton
8. The melting Pot

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Sanded some letter blocks
2. Played duck, duck, goose with Allie and her friend Ren
3. Made Christams Cards for the card exchange group I'm in
4. Deep cleaned my bathrooms
5. Made my mom's real mexican tacos...mmmm
6. Painted Allie's toe nails
7. Went to BK and watched Tyler, Allie, and Bria share a small shake (I didn't want any:)
8. Started reading A Day of Remembrance from the Promised Land Series.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Christmas in IF
2. Going to Boston in February
3. Finishing projects on the house (mostly exterior)
4. My Aunt and Uncle going through the temple
5. Allie going to bed willingly
6. Weaning Bria (She's addicted to me)
7. Thanksgiving!
8. Man, I didn't think this would be hard, I guess I'm enjoying the present as much as possible.

8 Things On My Wishlist
1. That all of my children will stay active in the church
2. I could divide into two people to get everything done
3. pay off our mortgage and student loans today!
4. the economy would stabalize
5. That I could say things exactly how I mean them without confusing people
6. That I could lose this last ten pounds...I'm gettin' there
7. That people could just get along and get over there differences
8. That I could make Spicy Ramano Chicken at home that tasted like Johnny Carinos

8 People I Tag: Whoever wants to do this...

Monday, November 3, 2008

When Allie helps...

The face says it all, Bria is just the innocent bystander as usual.

Again...the face, She really thinks she is helping too. I guess it's my fault,
I tell her she is, even when I know her "helping" means more work for me.
From dishes, to Laundry, my work is never done:)
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It was a great night, Tyler went as a Brazillian Cowboy (gaucho) and I went as "his woman" (Prenda)
Allie and Bria were sure cute.

My friend Barbie was a mad scientist, I could hardly recognize her!
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