Sunday, May 17, 2009


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Spiritual Feast

This week has been full of projects in order to get our house ready to sell, but also I have had the opportunity to be spiritualy fed at several meetings that happened to be in the same week. Tyler teaches Seminary and the director came from Reno for an appreciation dinner/meeting. It was a great night with so many good things said. We then had the opportunity to go to Reno for a Special CES conference in which Elder David E. Bednar, Neil A. Anderson, and Elder Zwick of the Seventy addressed us. They opened the night up to a Q/A session which surprised me, but ended up being amazing! This has been a pretty stressful time for our little family with the move and everything else that is going on in our lives, but Tyler and I want to be able to enjoy our summer despite the craziness. Some of the counsel we received was just what we needed to hear and feel. I am posting some of our before and after pictures of the house- I'm not even going to list what we've done, because it is all in the details you most likely can't see in the picture, but man have we worked!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Here we go again...

We have been pretty busy around here lately. Over Spring Break two weeks ago, we heard about a job opening in Blanding UT (Tyler's home town). We have never really considered it as an option before, but for some reason it hit a nerve. Even though Tyler loves his job here, and we have felt pretty settled, thde temptation to live closer to family was too strong to resist. Tyler applied a day after the job "closed" and we found ourselves in Blanding for an interview this week. It has all happened so fast, that I'm still reeling a little from the news. We have decided to take the job and move this summer. My baby is due July 9th, and we have our house to sell and another house to buy when we get there, but oh well...bring it on. We have decided we will most likely live in Monticello which is in the school district. There is a temple there and I am so excited for that. What a crazy summer we are going to have, but we feel like it is the right thing for our family right now, and we are trusting that things will work out.