Monday, September 16, 2013

Comfortable Now?

Came downstairs to check on the girls before going to bed and found this...Luckily the TV wasn't on.  I guess their beds weren't comfortable enough
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For the record...I am terrible at bowling!  To the point where I would rather do ANYTHING else, but I am the only one in the family that feels that way:)  So, $40 later and another shameful display of guttering the ball almost every time...I am sticking to the notion that next time, I will take pictures and let my family have at it without me.
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Back to School

Allie- 2nd Grade

Walking home together- we live just down the street from the school. 

What they would like you to believe....

Yep...that's more like it:)

Cloe-Pre School

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The girls wanted to do a skit for Family Home Evening- I love that I got to be the "queen";)  Sometimes Monday night rolls around and Tyler and I are so tired we almost dread having to do the song and dance of FHE, but the girls look forward to it and I know it makes us stronger as a family.  The girls all take part in the planning, and we try and keep it simple.  I know I will never regret the extra effort to make this happen each week.
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