Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Victim of photography

I got a chance to do some senior pictures, I haven't done the final edits on them, but here are a few (of the MANY) that I took. I was so nervous to get them right...but there's a first for everything. I would say as of now, my specialty is doing them for free...:) This guy was a good sport, and because he is like 6' 5" I had to stand on a ladder most of the time. Fun stuff.

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More Pics

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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Retreat pics

I got these posts out of order, but here are little bits from the trip. I look like a psycho getting my make-up done, and looked even more psycho after it was finished...purple is not my color. I was so grateful my sister brought her wet-wipes because it came off about as quickly as it went on. I have vowed to never use powder foundation, it's not flattering on ANYONE! Everyone that walked away with it on looked like an old lady. For anyone who wears it...sorry, but maybe re-think it.

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Pamper Me!

I just got back fromspending the weekend in SLC with my mom and sisters. We went to a "Night of pampering" at some rich guys estate. Complete with castle and mote...seriously. We got our hair, nails and make-up done. They offered laser hair removal (free) but the line was so long, we got tired of waiting...and we might have chickened out because we were told it was PAINFUL! The massage line was also huge, so we ate chocolate, had a great dinner and shopped around at all the booths. It was a good time. It's funny how one of us always has a new baby on these retreats...we seriously need to stop reproducing so quickly:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall all over

Seriously love the fall, perfect weather, perfect colors, perfect time for family walks.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Outdoor Flag

I had some weather-proof material left from another project, and I really wanted a flag for my front porch...something personalized and not too cheesy. The store-bought kind are a little to cartoony (yep, that's a word in my book) for what I like. Here is what I came up with. The birds are rub-ons (craft-store) Make sure you spray them with a clear coat of some kind to keep them weather-proof. I also used washable fabric paint. I'm thinking I'll have to bring her in when the weather gets really bad, but as for a little moisture here and there, I think it will be OK. Oh, the "flag pole" is actually a curtain rod that wasn't being used. I drilled a couple of holes in the rod and attched the flag with wire. Hope this inspires some front porch creativity!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Eat a Pita

I have always wanted to find a recipe for Pita bread that was as good as the real deal. Not tortillas, or leftover roll dough. I FOUND it! Seriously, follow the directions exactly, and you are on your way to the best, chewiest pita bread you have ever tasted.
Follow the link for Instructions. I usually stuff it with chicken, grapes, apples, and almonds. Mix it with a little cream cheese and mayo combo and it is good stuff.
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Hiking with the Burtons

We Hiked Shay Mt. for the first time. It was quite steep and rocky, but the views were amazing. Tyler and Scott are doing their hunt here, so we were "scouting" the area...or maybe because the wives were there it was just more of a picnic. (inside joke) We sure love the Burton's. So grateful we didn't attempt it with children this time:)

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The end of a happy Summer

I just loved this picture of Cloe so I had to post it. She is a funny girl.

This is one of the many reasons I love Tyler. Never in our marriage has he used the TV to "wind down" from work. for the amount of nice pants he's gone through from "winding down" this way...well I have lost track. Another brag moment brought to you by Your's Truly:)
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