Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Victim of photography

I got a chance to do some senior pictures, I haven't done the final edits on them, but here are a few (of the MANY) that I took. I was so nervous to get them right...but there's a first for everything. I would say as of now, my specialty is doing them for free...:) This guy was a good sport, and because he is like 6' 5" I had to stand on a ladder most of the time. Fun stuff.

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Shannon said...

Good job on these Mandy! They look great. You are a talented gal :) Let's get together next week!!

Krista said...

Mandy, I just love your blog. You are so talented at so many things!

And thank you so much for your comment on our blog. It was so nice to know that someone else has been doing the same thing with health insurance as we were planning to do and that it seems to be working for you!! Seriously--THANK YOU!