Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Hey all. We had a great Spring Break. We just relaxed mostly and finished some odd projects. This last week Tyler went back to work and my Aunt stayed with us for her Spring Break. It was great to have her. It was like having two of me to do all of the work! We had a Pride and Prejudice marathon. 6 hours of Jane Austen, gotta' love it. Tyler was just grateful he didn't have to watch it with me. Allie is looking so big to me these days. She counts to 12 now, smartest girl ever I tell ya' (all parents think that about their kids, right?) Bria is so smiley and still sleeps through the night. Such a blessing.... Tyler and I are toying with the idea of starting a Dutch-Oven catering business. Just something to do while Tyler has the summers off. We don't expect to really make money off of it, but it would be something the family could do together. Tyler and I have had fun coming up with menu ideas and combinations. We'll see how it goes. We are going to Idaho Falls at the end of the month to visit my family. I'm nervous for the long trip with two kids, but I guess we have to do it at some point.