Tuesday, February 10, 2009

These girls

I got this candid picture of Bria, she is such a daddy's girl. Also this one of Allie helping her Dad bring in wood for the stove. Tyler loves his girls and they sure love him. As Tyler left for work the other day, the girls stood at the window watching him leave and Allie turned to me and said, "Daddy's so cute". I had to agree:)
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Who says I can't make a mess...

For Family Night we had an object lesson using corn starch and water (if you have never tried this mixture, I encourage it!) As long as you are moving it around in your hands it is hard and can be shaped, but once you stop, it will drip like water. Very cool. It was something we all could play with, but Bria got a little distracted. I think she got crowded out to tell you the truth. She just can't compete with Tyler, Jake, and Allie. She didn't seem to mind too much though.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Tyler and I get to to go to Boston for a whole week this month! Tyler is presenting at a Psychologist Conference there for his work. We are leaving the girls with my mom, which I think will be hard on both of us considering we have never left Bria, and have only left Allie once. It will be good for us to get away. These chances don't come along very often. I posted some pictures of the Hotel where they are having us stay...all I know is that they have some specialty bed called the "Heavenly King Size Bed" That is what I'm talkin' about! I haven't slept an entire 8 hours in 3 years! Anyways I guess I'll have more to say about it after we actually go.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to Nevada

My 15 year old brother Jake came to live with us at Christmas and is staying until July, so we decided to give him a little taste of Nevada. We decided to check out some natural hot springs. There were these boiling pits in the ground and pipes coming out of them which lead to this "bath tub" which was full of the "filtered" water. Something about sitting there in my nothings in the middle of nowhere just didn't sound appealing to me, so we just looked. The water smelled terrible, I really don't think you could have paid me to get in that thing. We also went to a ghost town, that really wasn't a ghost town because there were several families that lived there and seemed to own everything. Anything that looked cool had a big fence around it and a NO TRESPASSING sign. Sorry Jake, but that's all we have to offer here in northern NV, somehow we still manage to love our lives here.

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