Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Blog

Hey everyone who is interested.  I have a new blog mandyjackphotography.blogspot.com  Photography is a newish hobby for me.  I have had some great opportunities to expand the talent and hope to get better and better at it.  In the past I have done it for free, but as I have gotten busier I now charge $30 which includes me taking the pictures, and giving you an edited CD of the favs to do as you wish with them.  I wanted to give people an affordable option for great pictures.  Check it out!  

Monday, May 14, 2012



Love this farm girl!  I couldn't possibly post all of the pics I wanted to...but here is a good sample. 
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lovin' lemonade


I really wanted to get some yard work done on Saturday-so my brilliant plan was to have the girls do a lemonade stand to keep them busy.  We went through TWO gallons of lemonade and SIX dozen cookies.  I have never seen so many people stop for a little lemonade stand!  This town is awesome!  My yard work didn't get done, but the girls were so happy to put more money in their "Africa" / "Disneyworld" fund. 
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The circus came to town!  The girls had fun...but it smelled like we were sitting in a dumpster!  I had a hard time getting past that.  It's pretty awesome that they came to Monitcello.  It was a big show for such a little place.  Allie and Bria loved riding the elephant.  How many opportunities does a person get to do that?
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