Friday, March 21, 2008

Out of the blue!

I was so excited to see so many friends find our blog. I wasn't good about getting e-mail addresses before we moved from place to place, so hopefully this will be a great way to stay in touch. (Just a side note for the Dial Fam: We've been looking for you guys, with no success. I'm glad you found us. I've been trying to post on your blog, but my computer has issues. Can you send me your e-mail? Ours is I have to go to the library in order to post pictures, so that doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to. We are looking forward to a spring break this week. Tyler has the whole week off! We plan on doing a few random projects, but mostly just kickin' back. We have enjoyed a few visits from my family, first my Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jim from Washington came for a surprise visit, and then my parents and two of my brothers came for Bria's blessing. Jim helped us finish our bathroom before my parents came, it was sure nice to have a pro working on the house for a change, since Tyler and I are extreme amatures. The girls have been sick, so even thought we've had some good weather, we've been cooped up. Hopefully we can get healthy again. I need some fresh air and so does the two-year old. Taking Allie to the store can be quite the circus. Some times she will be so good, and then other times I only get half of my shopping done because the 2 year old, Wal-mart melt-down begins. Gotta' love those moments. Well, that's life as a mommy. I just celebrated my 24th B-Day. It was fun to spend it with family, but I gotta' say. 24 is not an exciting Birthday. Funny how life doesn't turn out quite how you "plan" it. It's a good life though, I'm sure I couldn't have planned it better. Have a happy Easter!