Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Bria!

Bria turned 3 on Valentine's Day and we had quite the party. Celia, Bria's nursery leader helped me throw a bash for her. She was feeling pretty loved. Bria is the most shy of all the girls, and only warms up to people who love her A LOT! Thank goodness there is a lot of love for her around. She is a special girl and we love her.

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The food!

My beautiful, braziliam friend Celia helped me make food for Bria's birthday! We had Brigaderos (really yummy chocolate candy thingys made from sweetened condensed milk) and Braziliam pot pie, Pinkalicious cupcakes, little chicken stuffed fried things called coxinos (I don't know how to spell that:) and a fabulously decorated cream cake encased in jello! Holy cow it was amazing! It was a three day process, and then she threw in these cute balloons made into flowers! What a party...

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