Monday, July 8, 2013

Cloe's 4th Big Day


My baby just turned 4!  I guess I can't call her a baby anymore, but I am not sure if I am ready to grasp the idea of having all school-age kids.  She will start pre-school this school year!  Then again...being out of diapers, having a whole two hours to myself two days a week, and everyone being able to put shoes on themselves is pretty nice...:)  Maybe I can get use to it.  We are grateful Cloe surprised us by joining our family four years ago, we sure love her!
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Little Slugger Bria


Bria did T-ball for the first time this year- she was so cute:)  she would hit the ball very accurately and very delicately...such a girl.  Haha-I forget how little she is until she is next to other kids her age, but she sure can hold her own.
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Father's Day

My girl's have the best Dad in the world...seriously...other little girls would be jelous if they only knew how much he spoils these little chicas.  He loves his girls and we love him!  The girls were asked to sing in church for father's day and they did such an awesome job! 
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