Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Happy Years

For our Ten year Annivesary we decided to go back to the place where we first met...Jacob Lake, AZ!  Tyler and I worked there in 2002 after I had graduated from highscool and after his mission to Brazil.  I was not looking for a serious relationship, and he had a girlfriend...haha:)  Things worked out and the rest is history.

Laying down on the outdoor basketball courts where we went star-gazing for the first time....and yes we were really looking at the stars...:O 

Sitting at the counter to a delicious breakfast...we spent alot of hours at this counter ten years ago.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is where we spent our first day-off together.  It was much harder than I rememebered it being!

I love this man!  I am grateful every day for the Lord's hand in my life.  He has always gently lead  me to the places I needed to be, and I know Jacob Lake was one of them.  Tyler is the best husband and Father!  I am looking forward to another 10+ years with him.
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Bria's Preschool Graduation


Our sweet, funny, Bria graduated from Mrs. Eardley's Joy School.  She is so ready for kindergarten!  I am glad we decided on preschool for her. She came out of her shell and has so much confidence now. 
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Girls Camp

Stand Firm was the theme for girls camp this year and we had a mini trek into camp pulling hand carts.  It was a great year!  There was so much planning involved that it was making me a little cranky, but once I got there with the girls, it made it all worth it!  Love these ladies and love my calling!
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Family Time at Foy


Camping with the family for the weekend.  My little brother Matt came for a few weeks and has blessed us with his visit.  He is on the brink of 13!  He says he doesn't want to be a teenager because they are so cranky:)  The girls love him and we have had so much fun together.
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Grandma Miller

I have an incredibly busy mother, double business owner, broker, realtor, and yet she still finds the time to crochet little baby outfits for my girls' dolls...This is the woman that raised me:)  Love her
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