Friday, July 11, 2008

More Updates

So I finally have pics! I am sorry it took so long. The girls have changed alot since I last posted. Tyler got called to be a Seminary Teacher, I guess that's what you get for saying you'll speak at Youth Conference. He's nervous, but excited to work with the youth. We are both learning the scripture mastery all over again. It was funny, we memorized them by listening to the songs, we looked like nerds in the car on our trip as we listened to them over and over again. Anyways, next year will be interesting.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Long Time Comin'...

Since I last wrote we've had alot happen. Tyler and I celebrated our 5th Aniversary on May 3rd. We hiked up to a waterfall and Allie has been talking about it ever since. It has been a great five years. We went to Washington for Tyler's graduation; that was a great feeling. He got his Master's in School Psychology. We've signed on for another year here in Nevada, yes...we still like it. People ask that alot. If you've ever driven to California from Salt Lake, you know why they do. There isn't much out here, but we are happy. Tyler's parents are serving a mission in Spokane, so we got to visit them. My Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jim were also there. We got to see so many great friends, I'm glad we had the opportunity to go back. This last week I went on a mother/daughter getaway in Salt Lake and we ate at The Melting Pot. We were all in heaven, the food was so good. We stayed at the Plaza while our husbands took the kids. It was a fun night. Tyler and I went on to Blanding for his family's reunion. It was alot of traveling, but well worth it. I love Tyler's family. I think that was our last big trip of the summer considering gas prices. We may make one more trip to Idaho Falls, I guess we'll have to see.