Friday, July 11, 2008

More Updates

So I finally have pics! I am sorry it took so long. The girls have changed alot since I last posted. Tyler got called to be a Seminary Teacher, I guess that's what you get for saying you'll speak at Youth Conference. He's nervous, but excited to work with the youth. We are both learning the scripture mastery all over again. It was funny, we memorized them by listening to the songs, we looked like nerds in the car on our trip as we listened to them over and over again. Anyways, next year will be interesting.


Carolyn Hanson said...

Good to see some updates! Cute pics. And of course our kids will end up together...:) I was already planning on it!

Glad to hear you're doing well!

Drew and Michelle said...

A member of your ward... (I can't remember her name anymore) visited her family in Marshall a couple of weeks ago. I of course asked her about you guys and she said... you were good, the girls were cute and that "they" were bugging Tyler about being the next seminary teacher.
Cute pics! Did you ever see the pics of Ethan & Allie?