Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Summer

It is a little crazy to think back on this time last year. We had just moved to Winnemucca, Tyler was interning, I was pregnant...on and on I could go. So many things have changed for us in a year, it has been a very busy 12 months! 'Tis the season for canning! Our garden is starting to overflow with vegetables and I have canned quite a bit already, from plum jelly and syrup, to chili sauce and pickles. Tyler is in full swing with work now that school has started. I will be doing a joy-school with Allie this year. We are keeping things pretty basic, but it will be a good thing for her. She is extremely social and loves the interaction with kids. I am working with the Young Women in our ward now. So far, so good...It's quite a change for me since I've been working with the little children in Primary for so long. Bria is acting like a big kid already, I swear. She loves to sit and just grab at anything in her reach. She steals our food off of our plates frequently. She is still a wonderful sleeper, bless her heart. Allie has a new nickname. We call her "Templeton", you know, from Charlette's Web....the girl is such a pack rat. She creates little "nests" with the most random things. I find these nests behind couch cushions, carefully "packed" so that I wouldn't notice them unless I was looking. I also find them in her pillow case, the blankets on her bed, sometimes in a kitchen drawer, even once in a stuffed animal that had a hole in the neck. I have a feeling her and I aren't going to get along when it comes to cleaning her room when she's older. For those of you who know me well, I love organization, and despise clutter. Oh well, I should have known I'd be tested in this area-it keeps me humble.

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CAMI said...

Yeah you finally posted again! Well its good to hear all is well~ Im jealous you have a garden- I want one again! How fun to do Joy school My mom did that for me- i loved it!