Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to Nevada

My 15 year old brother Jake came to live with us at Christmas and is staying until July, so we decided to give him a little taste of Nevada. We decided to check out some natural hot springs. There were these boiling pits in the ground and pipes coming out of them which lead to this "bath tub" which was full of the "filtered" water. Something about sitting there in my nothings in the middle of nowhere just didn't sound appealing to me, so we just looked. The water smelled terrible, I really don't think you could have paid me to get in that thing. We also went to a ghost town, that really wasn't a ghost town because there were several families that lived there and seemed to own everything. Anything that looked cool had a big fence around it and a NO TRESPASSING sign. Sorry Jake, but that's all we have to offer here in northern NV, somehow we still manage to love our lives here.

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