Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Joy...

Allie; ready for Joy School-She did not want me to take this picture

So, I consented to do a "Joy School" with a few other mothers, basically it's
like a repeat of nursery for an hour and a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We take turns "hosting" and I recently did two of my four weeks. I can't say
it's something I look forward to, but Allie loves her friends, and the kids LOVE it. I have plenty of friendly
reminders that "we are doing this for the kids". (Thanks Kate:) Tyler makes fun of me
a little. He thinks it's like a pre-pre-school. He thinks Kindergarten is when they should
start school, I think I agree-all the moms in the group know I'm not tottaly converted to the idea,
but I gave it a shot. I completely respect teachers, and those who have the talent of managing lots of
little children every day. I do not have that talent, however, it seems to be different when they are your own.

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Carolyn Hanson said...

looks like fun, Mandy. Your house is really so cute! No surprise. :)

Michelle Joy said...

Oh I wish we had something like this! Looks like alot of work but sooo much FUN!