Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All for a good cause

 5 years in Monticello made me into one busy woman, especially my last year.  I was serving as president of the San Juan Education Foundation, a member of the school community council, young Women's president in my ward, working part time at our local dentist office and then switching over to work part time at the high school, being a mother, wife, friend, sister, oh yea...and I finished my Associate degree... 
This is a picture of me with our young friend Dallin Lord's who just happens to be a young author.  I coordinated a visit from him through the foundation to inspire other young authors in the schools to pursue their dreams of publishing....this is the face of a woman with too much on her plate:) 
It took a few years of going like that to make me realize no matter how worthy the cause...motherhood and family life is THE priority.  I thought I was balancing it all OK, but there were those nights where getting dinner on the table was about all I had left to give.  Nights where my girls were so excited to tell me something about school and I was nodding and smiling as I did something else or had my mind elsewhere (planning the next day down to the minute).  I am grateful for my slower pace these days, just enjoying the time I have left raising my young family.  The time goes so quickly, I'll let the good causes wait while I pursue my eternal cause.

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