Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bed Time Ritual

There are some nights when the thought of starting our "Bed Time Ritual" just makes me tired! It starts with family scriptures, prayer, our "Jack Pack Cheer" GO JACK PACK! :) Story time, lights out and ONE song. It is quite the process, and although it can drag out a bit, I realize how important it is to keep at it. There will come a day when I will miss being able to tuck the girls in like this.
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Shalisa Hazleton said...

It's hard to keep the routine but important. Keep it up! Thanks for the yummy recipe!

Scott and Haley said...

I love that Jake will read them stories. The worst thing about a routine is the night when you really just can't do it or you will pull your hair out and the girls say...." we forgot to read sciptures, or say prayer". I guess those 2 things are better alternatives to pulling out the hair!