Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Girl's Room After!

Sorry this post took so long...busy month! So these are the After pictures in my girl's room. I let them pick all of the colors...can you tell? Their favorite color is fuschia (I'm not kidding). We are girly girls to the max around here. There are a few things that aren't finished as far as decorating goes, but that will come a piece at a time. We put in new windows and I used the old windows to decorate. Tyler made these stick unicorns for them last year for Christmas. It was such a fun project to do together. They are all officially sleeping in here and it gets a little crazy at times, but I hope they will grow up to be friends. Much to my dismay and delight, bed time seems to be one of the few times they get along...which means some late nights...they are in some kind of conspiracy against me:) Our life is full of girl clothes, hair bows, and barbies, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Shalisa Hazleton said...

The suspense was killing me to see the after pictures! LOL!
Love it!

CAMI said...

AMAZING!!!! I saw some like that on Pinterest~ I Love the beds! Good Job!!!

Bill and Maggie said...

I love this!! Awesome job!

Celeste said...

AMAZING! I want these same beds! I love that the shelves have a power outlet! Love it!