Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twin Rocks

We ended our day in Bluff by eating at Twin Rocks. It's called Twin Rocks because of the crazy rock formation just above it. It's a great little place, with really good food. It was taking a while for the food to come, so Allie started eating the sugar packets....yea, I just took a picture rather than stopping her. They have something called the "Navajo Burger" Instead of a bun, they use fry bread...really good fry bread. It's a pretty awesome sandwich. The girls were so tired, but the trip was just what we needed:)

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Drew and Michelle said...

That Navajo Burger looks awesome! Is it basically like Scones for bread? Yum! Looks like an awesome little trip... the twin rocks ROCK! And as always your girls are beautiful!

genderist said...

The picture of the sleeping girls = priceless!!! I love it!