Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Bria!

Bria is our Valentine baby, and she just turned 2 years old! I was pregnant with Cloe when Bria was just 6-7 months old, so the last couple of years are a little bit of a blur to me. She was a dream baby...seriously. Now that she is a toddler and talking, she is a little more of a struggle. She is very determined. But she is always the first one to give loves, and she is the biggest, silliest, teaser and loves to make people laugh.

Both Allie and Bria LOVE Cloe, but they are becoming good friends with eachother. Even good friends have the occasional fight:) OK, they fight alot, but I hope and pray it's just the stage of life. They really do get along sometimes:)

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Drew and Michelle said...

Some times I think 2 years old is sooo grown up... but their still just babies... and require a lot of work. 3 little ones is no small job. The girls look soo pretty in their matching dresses!
So you all ready for the big two six?

McQuivey said...

Happy Birthday BABY Bria! It seems like she was just born, she really was an angel baby too, I remember how jealous I was! She is such a cute little girl.

Shannon said...

Oh such cute girls!

Tara said...

She's so cute. Did I mention that she can EAT!!! Gotta love that Bria.

CAMI said...

very cute girls Mandy! Happy b-day Bria!