Saturday, August 25, 2007

The beginning of "Real Life"

Here we are at the start of a new life! I say "new" only because everything is new. We moved to Winnemucca Nevada, which is a nice little town in northern Nevada about two hours from Reno. With the move came many changes, we are in a house now, an actual house! We have never had this kind of space before, it is awesome, we were really blessed to find this place, considering it was our only option. Rentals are hard to come by in Winnemucca. We don't have enough "stuff" for every room, so we look a little empty in spots, but I'm sure we will slowly acquire a few things here and there, I'm not in a hurry. Tyler started a new job on Monday and loves it so far. He loves the people and he is excited to finally be doing the work he's been in school six years for. He is the Psychologist of Humboldt School District here, and I love it because we are finally on a schedule! He works from 8am to 4pm and gets to come home for an hour lunch. The best home work!! Allie is warming up to the place, she has a whole back yard she can run around in, but she's still a little hesitant to go out by herself. We also got a new car, we traded in the corolla for something a little better for our growing family, we decided we weren't quite ready to join the "van clan" and got a hatch back instead. The school district gave Tyler a car, so that serves as "his" car, that was another blessing because they pay for insurance, gas and everything. We also have the new baby who still remains a mystery as far as gender goes. I haven't been to the doctor here yet, so I guess I'll find out here in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we will have a better idea of a due date also. Well, we are excited for all of the changes, and have felt extremely welcomed by everyone here.


The Barton Family said...

Yeah!!! You made it to Nevada! I'm so happy for you guys! Your little family, is in a little house. And Tyler is home by 4:00. Wow! What a life!

Lindsey said...

Hey! How is life in Nevada! How is life in the "real world"? hehe Hopefully someday I'll get there too! You need to put more pictures on your blog! I haven't seen you guys for a long time! Actually, you were still pregnant so a long time ago!