Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Livin'

This summer has been a hot one for us! We are looking forward to an air-conditioned home, even if it means moving to Winnemucca NV! We've stayed busy with our Manager job at the apartments we live in, and although it keeps us from being able to up and go whenever we want to, it has been a blessing to not have to pay rent for the last year. The "move" is absorbing most of our summer, so we are trying to get in our fun wherever we can. Washington has been good to us, but I think we are ready for a change. Most of our friends are moving on, so it just feels right to move-on ourselves. Tyler is working for the university this summer, and Allie and I try to brave the heat at the park and have fun with all of our neighborhood friends. Allie particularly loves our neighbors next door who are from Azerbaijan (a little country near Turkey) they have a little boy who is two and just loves Allie, all three spoil her rotten. I'm just now 10 weeks pregnant, and trying to make it past the "sick phase". We are really excited about this pregnancy, and are grateful for the timing, even if it is in the middle of another move. We really wanted Allie to have a sibling that wasn't too much younger than her, and these two will be almost exactly two years apart.
I was recently just released from my calling as a counselor in the Primary, and am now filling in with the Sunbeams until we leave. Tyler is still serving as Young Men's President/Scout Master, and I don't think they are going to let him out of it until we are gone and they have no choice! This last year was a little crazy for him with the calling, school, and practicum, but he did a good job of balancing everything. Life is good, and we are happy and healthy!


The Barton Family said...

Yeah! You're Blogging! Lindsey & I were just talking today and decided we should tell all of our friends to start blogs, so we can all check up on each other. And then loan behold... THE JACK PACK.
Yeah! I love it!
Wow! Allie is such a cutie! She has really grown into a little girl. How fun!

The Jacks said...

Hey, so I'm trying to figure this thig out, I'm not sure how to post a comment on somebody else's blog. can you help me on that one?

The Barton Family said...

What you need to do it go to someone's blog that they made. On the bottom of each post is a comment link. It might say "post comment", or "1 comment", etc. Click on the link and you will be able to post a comment to that post. I imagine it is the same as how you posted the comment on your own blog like you did. If you need to, call Michelle she is the mastermind behind the blog stuff. I just look around and leave comments! :) See ya later!


Haleshere said...

Hey Jack Pack! I love that you guys are doing this!! It's so nice to hear what is going on in your lives. I keep telling Bri that we need to do this so that he will stop freaking about the phone bill! So I love you guys and can't wait to see Allie, and I guess her parents. But mostly Allie. Love your favorite Sis. Ok so Favorite might be a stretch but hey.