Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Star Struck


I got to spend the afternoon with one of my favorite authors-Brandon Mull.  (Author of Fablehaven series, Candy Shop Wars series and the Beyonder's Series) My youngest brother Matt auditioned to be in the up-coming book-trailer film for Brandon's new book in the Candy Shop Wars and got the lead part as "Nate".  (He's the cute kid in the blue shirt.)  I went to Salt Lake to see him film one of the scenes and Brandon showed up to hang out.  It was so great!
So I have always considered myself someone who would never get star-struck...because I am so cool,calm,collected...I would NEVER act like an idiot around a famous person.  Than I met Brandon Mull, and as hard as I tried to act cool...I acted like an idiot.  There are a few rules in meeting a famous person.  You don't let them know: You have read ALL of their books and that you know ALL of the names of their characters. Oh well, I'm sure he was flattered that a 28 year old woman was totally nuts over's books.:)
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