Monday, April 2, 2012

Prom Pictures


I took the pictures this year at prom.  It was quite an experience considering it was my first time ever doing a "studio" type setting.  I did them for a very low, low price, just in case they weren't awesome, and also because I am not a "professional" photographer. (Which I stressed to the person who asked me to do them). I think they came out OK.  Our background was a little cheapy looking...note: NEVER use plastic backgrounds in a picture because the light reflects all of the ugliness.  Thankfully I am not responsible for the background.  These are some random shots of me and Jake and Bailey.  They were helping me that night/having fun without me:)  I was grateful for the opportunity to learn some new skills. 
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Shalisa Hazleton said...

Good job! I'm sure they turned out great!