Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

While we were in Idaho, Tyler and I slipped away to celebrate my birthday.  We went to dinner and I thought I recognized our waiter from highschool, when I asked him if he had gone to Hillcrest he said "no", but asked me what year I graduated to see if I recognized him from another school.  I told him 2002 and he jumped back in surprise and called another waiter friend over to ask how old he thought I was...I was then told I "wear my age well"  which is a nice way of saying..."you are OLD!"  I came to find out we were not the same age...haha.  We stayed in a place called the AmericInn in Rexburg.  We have stayed in "themed suites" before, but this one was awesome!  It was call the "Himalayan", and it was like being inside a canvas tent looking out into the jungle.  The pictures may not do it justice, but it was really well done.  We went to the Rexburg temple for the first time and enjoyed our day just taking our dear sweet time doing whatever we wanted.  Such a great way to spend time:)
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