Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm such a girl...

I came across this picture of me from 5 years ago. I took it minutes before I had this mole removed Yea...that tiny dot on my cheek. You would not believe the stress that little dot caused me through my adolesence and teen years-even into my adulthood. I thought it made me so ugly and rarely pulled my hair up because of it. Here is the funny thing...after I had it removed...nobody noticed! Not even members of my family! Something that was SOOOO obvious to me, was not even noticable to anyone else. Tyler tried to tell me...It's funny how we let little insecurities get the best of us. It was a good reminder for me to get over myself...believe me, I've come along way-but the journey isn't over till it's over!
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dovechannel said...

I vaguely remember the mole now that you point it out. Mostly I remember - what a beautiful child you were (even when throwing tantrums in the middle of the mall or pulling devious pranks on unsuspecting souls)

Sometimes I look at you (the rare moments I get to see you in person) and wonder "How could it be that she is even more beautiful than I remember?

I know it is the Holy Spirit shining through you. God's peace and love eminates from your whole being. I feel beautiful just being with you and I know I am a better person after leaving you. Thank you for being such a terrific example of our Heavenly Father's everlasting light!

A Family Member