Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few things

I'm so bad about posting some of the crafty things I have done, but I love getting inspiration from other people. These are a few things I have made for my enterance. The bench was a $5 thirft store item I repainted and modge podged. The coat rack was an old bed post I got for free! I drilled some holes and glued the dowels into it. A little paint fixed it right up. The mirror with hooks was a $5 item as well. I added a little paint to that to match everything else. The frame was something I put together from things I had around the house. I used some rub on's for the 'J' and some scrap paper for the back. I had the old frame from a yard sale and it was thick enough for a shadow box. I'll be better about posting this stuff from now on.:)

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Celeste said...

Love! Love! Love These! I've been meaning to paint the bench that is right by my front door since my brother in law made it for me (almost a year... oops...). Right after I read this post I snapped a before picture and got to work! Now I'm waiting for the first coat to dry so I can go for a second coat! Thanks for the inspiration Mandy!

Monica said...

Mandy, I LOVE your style! You are so creative!

Haleshere said...

Love this! I love coming to visit you and seeing all of your treasures. I seriously need to hire you to come and do my house. I covet your talent!!