Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Eve, the girls set out a treat for Santa-the orange was so he would have something "healthy".
We spent Christmas Eve day cooking, cleaning and just having fun together. That night we did the "Miller" spread with all the yummy appetizers. We watched Peter Pan and then looked for Rudolph in the sky. After our usually routine of reading, praying, and piggy back rides, the girls went to bed so good. Tyler and I played Santa and tried to watch a movie, but went to bed after 30 min. into it. We are getting old. The best part of Christmas was seeing the girls find the Barbies! Allie has been wanting a Barbie so bad this last year, and we held off until now. We found an awesome yard sale where we bought a house, several cars, clothes, 30 Barbies (like new), and all the accessories a girl could ever want or need. All for under $10. We cleaned everything up and it turned out great! Anybody who knows me knows how cheap I am, so this was an awesome find. We spent Christmas day with Tyler's family and enjoyed every minute of it. What a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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