Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fed for the year

We had the wonderful opportunity to have Sister Julie Beck our General Relief Society President come to speak to us on Saturday. It was incredible. I like to say that I'mthe best friend she doesn't know she has. I love how blunt she is. She said some things I will never forget, one of them being.

In a world where most people think everyone owes them something, let me tell you...Nobody owes you anything, but you owe the Lord everything. You signed up for this, you said you could do this, and you can do this. You must do it.

It was just one of the powerful lessons I learned from her. I have set some new goals for myself to change for the better and to not let myself become complacent. It is far too easy to think that we are doing "good enough", I want to be better.


Bill and Maggie said...

What a great opportunity Mandy! Thanks for sharing that thought with us.

CAMI said...

Hey guys! Love those quotes! And love the family pictures.