Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Fun

We threw an "I love Daddy Party" to surprise Tyler
after work. Do you love the hats? Allie had fun with
this-the party consisted of us dancing around to loud Christmas music
and eating cereal treats, but the girls were in heaven and Tyler didn't
mind it either. :) He loves his girls.

Since we will be traveling to IF for Christmas, we had to give Allie her presant
a little early since we won't have room for it. It's nice when they are still so young.
This is ALL she wanted, and was thrilled that she got it because now she can make
"breadsticks", "noodles", "tortillas", "pancakes", and "soup".

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Woodrich Family said...

What a fun day! Allie sure is a cutie!! I am so excited for girl toys. Merry Christmas!

Tiff and Dev said...

She must learn about making all those yummy things from her mommy.

Tara said...

I LOVE the hats! That is such a cute idea--I'm totally stealing it. Who doesn't love an excuse to make hats and eat cereal treats!