Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I haven't been so good about the up-dates, but I have plenty of excuses:) My biggest excuse is that we recently bought a house! It was the one we have been wanting, but we didn't think we had a chance at it. Through some divine intervention (it's a long story) we were able to move in after Thanksgiving. We have been working hard to make it our home and recently finished remodeling the kitchen. When I say recently, I mean Saturday. We are just taking one room at a time as we can afford to do it, but it was fun to get the biggest room out of the way. The kitchen really is the biggest room in the house, that was the selling feature for me. We just love it, and have felt extremely blessed. I have never lived in a place quite like Winnemucca, the people are amazing here. Rather than just offering service, they don't waste time asking, they just show up at the door to help so you can't refuse. I feel like I have lived here forever. I have been humbled by all the service that has been given to us. Tyler and I are usually pretty proud and have a hard time asking for help, so this has been good for us. With the baby coming in 7 weeks, I'm feeling anxious! We've been so busy, I don't feel quite as prepared as I did with Allie, but we are getting there. It's nice to have Tyler on a school district's schedule, because he has a long break for Christmas. My sister Tara and her family came to visit for a couple of days as they were traveling to Fallon to visit Kevin's parents. It was fun to have company. Then we spent Christmas with just our little family, it was so much fun to have a quite holiday after all of our crazy moves. Tyler's parents are now serivng in Spokane, Washington on a mission. Ironic that they were called there right after we left. They have met some of the people we know there, that has been a fun thing. Well best wishes and happy New Year!


Carolyn Hanson said...

Congratulations on the new home! It's nice to know you guys are still alive! It had been awhile since you updated. It sounds like you had a great holiday. Good luck with baby #2 and keep us all posted when she comes!

coulsons said...

I am so jelous you have a house and are in a warm lil town with nice people! well congrats! I want to see pictures!